Spectra: The Art and Consequence of Collaboration:
UTS Gallery.

Spectra 2018 is Australia’s pre-eminent art/science gathering, showcasing the best research and creative work being produced through interdisciplinary collaborations between Australian and New Zealand artists and scientists. The Art and Consequence of Collaboration, curated by Experimenta in conjunction with Spectra and ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology), presents 11 Australian artists who cross boundaries by deeply engaging with the sciences. The project is unique for the research pathways it opens up for both artists and the scientists with which they are engaging. Artists include Robert Andrew, Keith Armstrong, Leah Barclay, David Haines, Leah Heiss, Chris Henschke, Joyce Hinterding, Baden Pailthorpe, Helen Pynor, Erica Seccombe and Martin Walch.

Curator Jonathan Parsons, Experimenta’s Artistic Director, explains, the collaboration resulted in an extraordinarily vibrant and diverse array of artworks. The artists research “not only impacts on their own artistic practices; it has also opened up new horizons for the scientists they have worked with. This is where the potency of arts–science collaboration lies: in its ability to spark new ideas, provide critical perspectives on some of the great questions of our time, and develop new forms of expression that speak to the sophisticated technological era we live in.” The exhibition runs from July 16 until September 6, 2019 at UTS Gallery, Sydney.




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